About us

The first brand store to launch on Podmalls is our own. Since its inception, we are committed to helping every user on the platform better manage their business.

Grasp business opportunities, overseas "shop" business road

Over the next few years, procurement will fundamentally change as consumers focus more on how they buy goods: in-store or online, delivered or picked up. It’s an exciting time for the industry and Podmalls will take your business overseas into international markets.

Years of international market experience and resources to help you barrier-free cross-border overseas

We empower different “stores” in an all-round and point-to-point way, help them expand their business to the world with international strength, form a virtuous shopping cycle in the rapidly changing world market, and help win customers’ love for their products and brand loyalty. Podmalls attaches importance to the developer application ecosystem and is committed to enabling more global developers to work with Podmalls to help businesses achieve global business success.