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Company introduction

Podmalls is a company that focuses on providing products and technical solutions for global B2C e-commerce. Its core products, shoppingcart and SAS, provide merchants with: massive brand e-commerce theme, convenient commodity order management operation, high conversion marketing plug-in, multi currency display selection, multilingual store operation, multi-channel marketing promotion, smooth and safe settlement, personalized e-mail marketing It is an enterprise level solution with functions such as professional operation data analysis report and consumer loyalty management.
Podmalls attaches importance to the developer application ecosystem and is committed to enabling more global developers to work with Podmalls to help businesses achieve global business success.

Team Introduction

The founding team comes from Baidu international business department and has R & D teams graduated from top universities at home and abroad, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, UCL, USC, etc.

Recruitment process

Our values

sense of worth
Customer oriented and long-term struggle.
Be honest and introspective and keep an open mind.
Give priority to the overall situation and obey the organizational arrangement.
Lead customers to achieve global business success with excellent product technology.

Diversified career growth system

Overseas study opportunities
The company has overseas offices to reward excellent employees with overseas learning opportunities, expand their horizons and enable international competitiveness.
At regular technology sharing meetings, the most cutting-edge work of each technology / business group is shared with each other to create a multi-dimensional knowledge system and grow and progress together.
Freshman induction program
Help you quickly integrate into Podmalls while popularizing industry knowledge, and feel excellent professionalism.
Exclusive tutor
One-on-one navigation helps improve work skills.