Podmalls Order management and delivery

Centralized order fulfillment

Receive, manage, fulfill, and deliver products — all from one place on a platform you trust.

Bring orders to your order

Tracks, prioritizes, and fulfills orders from a centralized system, so they can be shipped faster no matter where you sell.
Keep orders in order
Create a custom dashboard that lets you view orders from all sales channels in one place simply and cleanly.
Make fulfillment faster

Place orders faster by using batch workflows to complete orders, print packing lists, and create shipping labels.

Manage and edit orders
Confidently take and follow up on existing orders. Get accurate, up-to-date information about goods shipped, shipped, edited, refunded or returned.
Data-driven decision making
Improve operational performance over time by using insight and analysis to make better performance decisions.

Simple inventory management

Wherever it is, wherever it needs to be. Track, measure and manage it all from one place.

Inventory data that you can trust

Simplify your inventory with a single platform, moving, managing, and monitoring products across locations and distribution channels.

Born to move
Scan, count and transfer inventory anywhere, anytime with the Podmalls mobile app.
Make decisions with confidence
Make better decisions faster with real-time updates, reporting, and analysis designed to help you maximize your inventory investments.

Affordable shipping and delivery options

More easily meet your customers’ shipping expectations, whether they are around the corner or around the world.
Deliver more for less

Save money through Podmalls’ pre-negotiated global rates with top carriers.

Rest assured delivery
Manage shipping from one location from receipt of order to delivery. Organizing orders, purchasing and printing labels, and preparing packages to be picked up or delivered — all within Podmalls.
Keep customers in the loop
Build a cohesive customer experience with real-time order tracking and automated email notifications that match your brand look and feel.
Stay Local

Use the app to provide local pickup or delivery to customers in your community and get orders from your doorstep more efficiently.。

Bring customers back

Give customers the flexibility to return and refund after purchase.
Develop a customer-friendly return policy

Create refund and return policies that convert more customers.

Seamless return
Seamless handling of returns and refunds through tracking, automatic customer notification, and inventory replenishment.
Discount return label
Use Podmalls to create return labels for competitive discounts.