Function is introduced

The store design

Professional theme templates
Content, layout, layout and color can be set in custom templates. In Podmalls, you can set the voltage as you like.
Supports mobile browsing
Your Podmalls online couples support mobile browsing, customers can use mobile phones or tablets to browse the store or complete the purchase.
Edit HTML and CSS
You have full access to your store’s HTML and CSS, helping you better customize every aspect of your store.

The shopping cart

Flexible freight calculation
Freight rates are set by fixed price, tiered pricing, weight and geography.
A variety of languages
The online store supports multiple languages, and the store template can be changed at any time according to demand.
Automatic rate calculation
Based on your geographical location, Podmalls will automatically calculate tax rates for major countries and regions.

The store management

Customer group
Classify and export customer lists by location, purchase history, etc.
Support partial or full refund of an order, colleague automatically update store inventory.
Customer files
Get to know customers and their shopping habits better by checking their contact information and order history.
Create an E-mail template
Customize your store email according to the design and language you want.
Manage the store anytime and anywhere
The Podmalls mobile application helps you update your store, manage inventory, process orders, and contact customers.
The order processing
One click to complete the processing of one or more orders, making daily order management easy.

Marketing & Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization
To help potential customers find your store through search engines, Podmalls supports various SEO features, such as customized title content and meta tags.
Increase sales and customer loyalty by creating highly targeted discount coupons or coupons.
The product variable
Provide different variables for your products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, and so on. Each variable has its own price, SKU, weight, and inventory.
Product finishing
Organize products by category, type, season, sales, etc., and colleagues automatically classify products intelligently according to suppliers, prices and inventory.
Unlimited quantity of products
There is no limit to the number and types of products that can be sold in an online store.
Product customization design
The products sold in online stores can be customized to make unique designs.
Multiple images
Support for adding multiple images to a product so that you can show the product from all angles.
Search engine optimization product tags
Optimize product pages by using product-specific meta Tags, titles, and URL handlers.
Digital products
Customers can order and download your digital products directly from the online store.

The data analysis

Data panel
An operational dashboard of sales, order and traffic statistics can help you make the right choices for your business.
Browse & Referral reports
With traffic reports, you can see and learn where visitors come from and how they find your online store.
Product report
Analyze and gain insight into your store to see which products are selling well and which are not.
Export the report
Store reports can be exported in spreadsheet form for further analysis or emailed to your colleagues.

The mobile terminal

The order processing
Get the payment information from your phone and process the order, and a shipping notice will be sent from the post office.
Managing inventory
Add a product, take a product photo, change a price, or manage an inventory — all of this can be done on mobile.
Moving instrument panel
Quickly view the items that need your attention and keep track of business trends.
Quickly view the projects that need you and keep track of business trends
Quickly view the projects that need you and keep track of business trends
All your data is synchronized with Podmalls
Your products, inventory, orders and customers will be automatically synchronized between the Podmalls app and your online store.